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Thursday, 1 June 2017

What to do when your smartphone drop in to the water

Sometimes some Water  Disaster happens with  our smartphone like sometime we take selfie  at swimming pool and suddenly  our smartphone Drop’s in the pool and some other places like at our home , at the beach.

many people’s smartphone drop in the water in that situation what to do which I am going to tales you today.


There are 4 Tips to Rescue  your smartphone From Water Disaster .

Tips. 1

Never Switch on phone after it drop’s in to the water and don’t  charge it may cause short circuit to your phone.


Dry out your phone immediately remove all removable parts like sim card, battery, memory card etc. of your mobile and dry out all this removable.

Tips: 3

Use vacuum cleaner to dry out your phone and don’t  use hair dryer  because  it blow the hit to your phone and it may cause to remove some chip soldering  of your phone and your phone functionality  may get affected and sometime short circuit also get your phone damage.


Draw out  moisture with help of raw rice . we have to sacrifice for 2 days it means we have to put our phone in to the raw rice for 48 hours it socks all the moisture from the phone .

If you want to revive your from so you have to be patience for 2 days. And your phone may be saved.

So, Whenever you drop your phone in pool, sink, toilet don’t panic !  if you act fast you can revive your phone from  water disaster. Just  follow  this easy simple 4 step to save your phone from water damage.


This method may not work all the time but increase the chances or revive your phone from  water disaster.

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Thank you for Reading.

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